/ Alaska Wedding Photographer

That Make You Feel Seen & Heard

Captured by an Alaska photographer with a fine art approach

Think: an Alaska photographer who makes you feel at ease, and film-inspired imagery (with real film takes too) that capture the emotions with elegance. You’ll feel seen and heard through photographs that value feeling something over appearing perfect, while still pausing to incorporate a timeless, unfading photographic style. The beautiful part is that this naturally results in the kind of imagery that is a perfect reflection of your experience.

Living In
The Moment,

This fine art wedding photographer’s philosophy

Together, we’ll prioritize the truth of who you are as a couple over curated images, and yet, because the images are cultivated with stories, they are that much more powerful as a result. All in all, I’m a photographer of emotion — making art out of lived experiences without overlooking the details or timeless aesthetics that will make it all too easy for the photographs to transport you back to these full-hearted feelings.

“zoya was an absolute magician at capturing all the little details, micro-moments, and precious interactions we would have missed otherwise”

“From the first call Zoya took the time to get to know us, our love story and helped guide our vision for the day. It was important to us that the day didn't feel staged or robotic. Reviewing our gallery was like re-living the day through various perspectives that feel truly priceless. She went above and beyond to make sure that we had the best experience and was incredibly attentive and thoughtful at every step."


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“we absolutely loved zoya!”

“We feel so lucky Zoya was available to photograph out elopement. Her artistic style matched perfectly with what we hoped for, she really understood the vibe we wanted for our day and she greatly exceeded our expectations. Zoya has such a friendly and joyful energy, you will hope she sticks around to hang out after her coverage is done.”


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“We couldn’t be happier.”

“My wife and I used Zoya for our elopement photography and couldn’t be happier. She has such a great personality and we were able to let loose and just have fun. 10/10 would hire again and recommend her to anyone and everyone.”


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An Experience Set Apart

With an Alaska photographer

A Day Fully Lived In

You’ll be too busy savoring the moment to notice the photographs being taken. Portraits are pivotal, yes, but my photojournalistic approach prioritizes the full experience.

Film And Digital

Embracing both film and digital mediums, the dual documentation will give your wedding gallery a variety and timelessness otherwise lost.

No Molds To Fit Here

Committed to capturing your story in a way that makes you feel understood to your core, never forcing you into a mold you’re not meant for.

Alaska Wedding Photographer

Fine Art Wedding Photography Collections

A day (or two for those weekend celebrations) uninterrupted by the pressure of perfection, made to be experienced wholeheartedly and captured in both film and digital mediums. With a custom timeline to encourage an environment of laid-back luxury and an engagement session included, find comfort knowing that your wedding will be artfully documented, so all that’s left to do is live through these moments with your loved ones. Leave the timeless artistry to me. 

Starting at $5,250 


Photography Collections

Soak in the moving imagery of the moment with just your other half. Including comprehensive planning and vision execution, you’ll feel too immersed in the scenery to worry about the photographs (I’ll take care of those). Look back on this day with a keen sense of nostalgia without an ounce of regret.

Starting at $3500

The Way Forward

Once you’ve explored my photojournalistic style and feel this experience fits with what you envision for your wedding, please connect with me. You’ll find a reply from me within 48 hours to schedule a consultation, including a pricing guide so you can get the full picture.

01. Inquire

Our call will be a time for sharing. I invite you to share your story, reminisce about your favorite memories together and dream about what you hope your wedding will feel like. In turn, I’ll share more about my unique approach to photography and which collection might best fit your vision.

02. Share

If our visions align, then I’ll customize a proposal for your experience. Once your date is secured, you'll be provided with welcome materials full of advice for your planning journey. In the meantime, timelines will be prepared and anticipation will build.

03. Plan

When the wedding arrives, all that's left to do is live. I’ll be there, a gentle presence, telling your story through details and moving moments, considering every family dynamic and capturing all the loving glances. Then? Reminisce over your wedding in the years to come and be completely transported by the striking timelessness of each film and digital capture.

04. Live

Alaska Photographer FAQs

Frequently Asked. Answered For You.

 The minimum amount of coverage available is 8 hours. I have found that this is the optimal amount of time to accomplish the full storytelling effect that makes this approach so stirring and transportive. When sufficient time is given to paint the full picture, we can document the day as it unfolds from start to finish.

Yes, digital is reliable and simpler to capture, and film photography offers a unique softness and nostalgia that simply cannot be replicated. Throughout your wedding, you might catch me switching seamlessly between my digital and film cameras at varying moments. So when you receive your final galleries, you’ll find an exciting yet moving variety of images. Keep in mind, though, that film is more sensitive and most moments will rely on the faster digital pace.

Organic moments and timeless imagery are the key underlying elements of my photojournalistic style. By combining authentic candid photographs with an artistic-minded lens, the results are luxuriously-told stories that will continue to move you for years.

There will be time made for the traditional (and essential) portraits of you as a couple, your bridal party and your loved ones. Otherwise, I will quietly blend in to witness moments as they are. A gentle, yet reassuring presence there to document the artistry of the moment.

That’s the beauty of my photojournalistic approach to wedding photography: you don’t have to do anything other than live. By simply breathing each other in and appreciating the celebration happening in front of you, the feeling will flow freely from you. No posing skills required. That being said, I will of course guide you during portraits and in other moments when a trained eye is needed. 

Breathe It In. This Is It.

It’s true, you don’t have to sacrifice the moment for artistic wedding photography.