/ Alaska Motherhood Photography

Documenting The Poetic & Delicate Imperfections 

That Define The Beautiful Truths Of Motherhood

The fleeting moments of motherhood are often the most beautiful. Unposed and unprompted, these moments reveal the truth of your child, the heart-warming realities of motherhood, and the bond you share. 

Using film to emphasize and appreciate what life is to you, and the many emotions that come with it, my intention is to immerse you in these memories with a documentary approach, telling the story of a love-filled childhood. All thanks to you.

Time to be seen, and to let the moments be.

Motherhood Photography

Captured exclusively on 35mm film. Showcasing personalities and the importance of connection.

/ Grounded. Grateful. A Touch Goofy. 

/ Stories Shared, Abundance Felt.

/ Feeling Alive + Emotive

For The Mothers Who

Are Ready To Let Go

Just you, your little one and the imperfect moments that honestly represent your bond. Poses and shotlists are not involved so as to maintain sincerity.

Want A Moment To Breathe It All In

This session is just for you and your child or children. Take in the emotion — the art of the present — without distraction or the pressure of perfection.

Hope To Leave A Legacy

What a beautiful sentiment to have these photos, not only for yourself, but for your children to look back on throughout their life. (Personally, these are the images I wish I had with my own mother.)

Motherhood Photography Collections

A laid-back session for you and your little ones to bond and simply live in the moment. Together. Captured on film with a documentary style. For up to two hours, walk your favorite hike, enjoy a morning in your favorite nook or play together in a nearby studio. I’ll be there to quietly (or loud if the kids prefer) and profoundly capture every moment. With personalized mood boards and outfit recommendations to make your experience as carefree as possible. 

→ Motherhood portraits: you and the littles
→ Lifestyle maternity photographs

Starting at $850

The Philosophy

Of Motherhood Portraits

The only way to get to the heart of this important time in your life is to capture it for what it is: raw, heartfelt, chaotic and uniquely beautiful. As a mother myself, I know the ebbs and flows of motherhood — and I’ll encourage you to embrace them too. 

This session will be all about being flexible with you and your little ones, having compassion for the emotions they bring that day. If they want to play, we’ll play. If they feel ready to nap, we’ll capture that too. After all, these are the moments that genuinely show the truth of what it means to be a mother: loving your child regardless of what the moment may bring.

Motherhood photographer. Artist. Rooted in emotion.

hi, I'm zoya

As I look back on the memories I have with my mother, so few of them were kept for me to hold onto. As mothers, we’re often the ones taking pictures of our little families – rarely are we the ones being captured doing what we love most: spending the quiet moments cuddling in the early morning light, or chasing little legs across vast fields of grass.

But what a beautiful gift it would be to give your child— an honest record of your love for them, reminding them of the happy fleeting moments for the rest of their life. 

“The environment, the experience, all of it was amazing. I will cherish these photos forever. Zoya! Thank you, Thank you a million times over for this session."


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"Zoya, this session and gallery are more than what I could have imagined. I was so nervous and you made the process so easy and comfortable. I could not have been happier with the results."


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One Session. A Ripple Effect. A Legacy.

What mothers like you have said

Frequently Asked. Thoughtfully Answered.

About Motherhood Photography

These are the photographs that will help you feel seen. With a documentary style that is unforced and in the moment, the photographs will depict the raw and beautiful reality of what being a mother is all about. 

We’ll let the little ones play and the moments be what they are. I want the memories to be pure, to reflect your life. Hiking, cuddling, laughing, even crying. We will work around and within your child’s emotions. If they’re having a hard day, that’s okay. That is a part of motherhood. Expect chaos, and unequivocal beauty as a result.

Film has a pure sense of nostalgia that motherhood, of all things, should be captured with. So, expect enduring and sentimental photographs (professionally color-corrected, cropped and digitally shared, with negatives available separately).

This is reserved just for you, to document this for yourself and to have rare photographs of you and your little ones. So, let your partner stay home and set aside this while I preserve these moments.

This session should be as easy as possible so the connection between you and your little ones shines through. That’s why these motherhood sessions can be wherever you (or your children) feel most comfortable. This can be at a local studio, on the floor of your kitchen or walking a scenic trail. Together, we can find the location that fits your family.

Holding Compassion For Motherhood & For The Moment

See the truth and beauty of motherhood with documentary-style film photographs.

Motherhood Photography. From An Anchorage Family Photographer.