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Champions Feeling Over Perfection

The Perfect Approach Is One That

Recognizing that the most commonplace moments — a quiet joke exchanged or a little kiss stolen — are the ones most worth remembering, I’ll be a barely-there presence that carefully observes and diligently documents. When a day is fully lived in, your photographs will reflect more of those full-hearted emotions than you thought possible. With my photojournalistic method and film-based approach, your photographs will be steeped in nostalgia. Soon, you’ll look back on these moments surrounded by the souls you love most.

My approach as a wedding photographer in Anchorage + beyond

Using both digital and film photography, I prioritize a relaxed, organic atmosphere. With me, you won’t be forced into a mold or made to fit a trend. Instead, you’ll have the space to breathe each other in, to fully live these moments together. The truth of who you are, as individuals and as a couple, will shine through with an honest and balanced approach.

Here, Your Moments Are The Priority

“I will never stop raving about this wonderful photographer!”

“ She is so personable, funny, kind and encouraging… [With her] if you are shy or self conscious about yourself in front of the camera [all of that] melts away. She makes you feel comfortable and able to smile so easily like there are no cameras and you are just hanging with a long time friend.”


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“She captured all the special feelings and moments of our special day and more!!”

“Zoya is such a phenomenal photographer!! She was genuine, kind and fun to work with!! She will definitely be our go to for family photos for years to come!”


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“Zoya not only had the compassion it takes to capture intimate life moments, but also the grace to guide and handle one of the craziest days of our lives.”

"We chose to work with her for our spring engagement shoot and fall wedding. I can't wait to book her in the future. 100% recommend trusting Zoya to make sure your timeless memories are captured, so that you can remember them years to come."


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An Advocate For The Moments Overlooked

Meet Zoya, 

Known for making art out of the most ordinary interactions of the day, Zoya is an Anchorage photographer who captures weddings in Alaska and beyond. She is inspired by connection and family, both influencing her need to represent the couple’s full story and the people who are a part of it. Zoya also finds inspiration in the outdoors and in her own daily life, often snapping film photographs of her daughter — turning the passing moments into photographs that feel particularly personal.

An Anchorage Wedding Photographer

The Framework Of My Life


Film photos of my daughter
Warm moments among loved ones
The Alaskan wilderness


Searching for sea glass
In Five Years by Rebecca Serle
Baking sourdough

As an Anchorage wedding photographer

Originally from Idaho, I felt a strong pull to Alaska soon after meeting my husband on a blind date — he’s a commercial fisherman! We’ve built a life together in Alaska where I am either cozying up and editing wedding photos, or helping to run our commercial fishing business. At home, I love finding inventive ways to style my surroundings, either sourcing preloved pieces from the thrift store or collecting sea glass to add a touch of ocean-worn color. 

Most don’t know that I am a licensed paramedic. I sought out photography, though, because it allows me to capture people in some of their most beautiful stages of life. It is an amazing feeling to be trusted with these stories — to see you the way your loved ones do. To create images with emotion. 

But above all, family and the quality time I spend with my husband and daughter is what fills my cup the most. Recognizing that our time on earth is only so long, these quiet (or often loud with a toddler) moments will always be the source of my greatest joy.

How My
Moments Are Lived

With me as your Anchorage wedding photographer

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